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Anyone Can Build a Website!

Do you want a website? Sign up at the WordPress home page and get started! WordPress is a web application developed for blogging. It offers a wide range of “blogger-friendly” resources that makes blogging clean and simple regardless of experience or knowledge of the internet.

Not only does WordPress make blogging simple, there are also several tools available to turn your blog into an eye-catching web page that will keep readers returning again and again.

Extremely Adaptable

While WordPress has its own web hosting, it can be used with virtually any web hosting service due to its solid, efficient program design. It can be used just about anywhere. You can set up your page and base it at any regional location you like. With WordPress, you have complete control over the entirety of your blogging experience, unlike other services organized by third parties. Whether setting up on your own server or through a web hosting service, WordPress provides an attractive, easy to manage system for bloggers.

In addition to Internet applications, WordPress can be setup on your PC, or intranet systems for personal or business use, making it a very versatile writing platform that has an expansive list of applications limited only by your imagination!

WordPress for Business -Marketing

Depending upon your advertising strategy, you will probably typically get 0.11 – 0.15 cents per click (when someone clicks on an advertisement on your blog). If you use your own imagination, you can come up with original blog content as well as strategies to get people to come read it. You could offer products or services (web-based or offline), or even create a new market! Remember, quality is key! Keep your blog active by writing high-quality content daily, and people will come to read it. If your material is quality material, they will also make purchases from you or those for whom you advertise.

Nuts and Bolts –Going from Zero to Live!

Here’s how easy it is to have your very own website with WordPress:

First, you have to sign up. You can do it the “normal” way by going through the all too familiar registration app where you enter your name, email, set a password, etc., or you can just choose to set up your account based on your Twitter or Facebook information –quick and easy! After the initial setup you get a confirmation email to activate the account.

Second, Build Your Site. By clicking on the activation button in your email, you will be directed straight back to WordPress, where a few more very simple questions are answered to set up your blog. Then choose a theme (or create one if you choose!).

Third, Create Your First Post. This can be text, photo, video, quote or just a link. No ideas? No problem! Just click on the “Inspire Me!” link and a box opens up with a nifty suggestion for something to write about! Now how’s that for interactive?

Finish! That’s it! Click it and you’re live. No more IT specialists or web code geeks –you just did all the stuff they used to control and it took like 3 minutes! Admire your work, then go back through and learn more so you can improve your site. It is now ready to be whatever you envision if you’ll only apply a little effort and imagination.

Basics and Beyond

Now that your site is set up, you have a few options. You can click “Reader” in the top right corner and go to a listing of blogs and articles and view what others are doing (this is extremely helpful to a newbie –you can see different writing styles, themes, layouts, etc., and which are doing well), or, if you are ready to get out there and make it happen right now, you can go to the “Help Topics” section and click on any of the links that you want to do first:

  • Get Started
  • Customize My Site
  • Create Content
  • Add a Domain
  • Go Mobile
  • Manage My Profile
  • Add Media
  • Get Social

Any one of these links will take you to a dazzlingly large amount of information to soak up. The more you get, the better your website will be. Don’t get it? Don’t worry! It’s free and it’s YOURS, so take your time –baby steps! Don’t be afraid to try things, if you have an idea chase it! Learning by doing and making a ton of mistakes as you go will teach you a lot faster than just trying to soak up the truly mind-boggling amount of instructional information provided at WordPress. If it stops being fun take a break and come back later. Don’t forget that your website is the internet’s version of you. Just roll with it and do the best you can. It won’t be long before you surprise yourself at how incredibly awesome your new website is becoming!